jeudi 10 mars 2016

Clinton and Sanders combined by criticizing Trump

Rivaling the candidates for the American presidency two possible scenarios for the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders in putting up ideas on migration during a debate that took place last night, but they face stronger than having said the strongest potential candidates for the Republican Party Donald Trump.
The corresponding came between candidates democratic party days before the race for theDemocratic nomination in the state of Florida, the ratio of electors of Latin Origins 25%.
Both the Clinton and Sanders who are competing for the votes of those next Tuesday, that limited deportation on irregular migrants who have criminal records, and not to be deported for children.
In the debate, which hosted by Univision Network Spanish speaking cited "CNN" network,
the exchange of the Democratic Candidates orbiting trump criticism of his statements concerning
mexican and his pledge to evacuate all irregular migrants living in the United States.
Sanders said, "look.. In this country raises the issue of the reform of the immigration policy of heated debate.I hope very much that we have this debate. Should not resort to racism, xenophobia and intolerance, as does the secretary Donald Trump and others".
Senator Sanders belonging to Vermont "that the idea that we suddenly in day or night the detention of 11 million people and transporting them outside the country is rude idea absurd, and I hope that it will be supported by America and the very small number

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In this context, Clinton said "I think it is important to initiate comprehensive reforms migration policy. But at the same time it should be to stop the raids and detentions, and stop the deportation of the people who live here and the burdens of life and works. This is the priority for me."
from :aljazeera

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