vendredi 21 octobre 2016

Neymar Jr extends his contract until 2021 with Barcelona

FC Barcelona striker neymarjr has signed a new five-year contract, keeping him at the Nou Camp until 2021

Neymar stats in 150 official games with Barça

114W 15D 21L
137 starts
91 goals
46 assists
9 trophies
30 yellow
0 red

Neymar:"before coming to Barca I was afraid, because players here are amazing,but when I got here I saw that they are all humble"

Josep Maria Bartomeu said
We continue working to maintain sporting excellence. Congrats for renewing with Barça, NeymarJr

neymarjr extends his contract until 2021, in video.

Trump VS Clinton 3rd Presidential Debate Highlights & Best Moments

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman.” Clinton said Trump “thinks belittling women makes him bigger. ” And in one of the most striking moments of a presidential campaign with all too many of them, 
The third and final presidential debate between the Republican nominee Trump and his Democratic  rival Clinton had all the vitriol that has defined their contest,
 with interruptions, insults and more. At least one scientific poll said Clinton—who has  opened up a formidable lead across the electoral map amid Trump’s slide in the polls—was once again the victor. 
Trump refused to say that he would even accept the outcome of a democratic election.
polls asked about Trump possibly not accepting election results: "You heard what he said."
Trump campaign has only tried to challenge two of the many accusations of sexual assault. And that's been very thin.
Abortion Q: Do you want the court to overturn Roe v. Wade?
 Trump: "That'll happen ... it will go back to the states."
That answer led some pro-life advocates to question Trump’s  professed commitment to overturning abortion.
Trump will not say he wants Roe V Wade to be overturned.
 THIS is the guy we're supposed to trust as pro-lifers. Pathetic.
Trump then elaborated to say his appointment of pro-life Justices would lead to Roe  v. Wade being over-turned “automatically.” That comment, in turn, produced puzzlement in the legal community, who pointed out that the Supreme 
Court doesn’t work in this fashion — that decisions are not changed “automatically” with new judges.

Highlights of the Final Presidential Debate 

mardi 18 octobre 2016

PEP ON MESSI & BARCA | Barcelona v Man City | Guardiola Press Conference

Barcelona vs Manchester City on wednesday night as the  biggest meeting in years, with Guardiola  and  Luis Enrique set to meet in the champions league,
Guardiola going TO win three point with  Manchester City to his former club Barcelona this week.
Defeat in camp nou would give Celtic or Borussia Monchengladbach a chance to  second place ,
Guardiola said: "I don't know. It depends on the game.When you play like Saturday then it is not a good result, but if Barcelona play much better than us maybe it is a good result."
Luis Enrique refuses to give hints about Barca formation vs. Man City,
LUIS ENRIQUE has told old pal Pep Guardiola: “Lionel Messi is back and as good as new.”
He said: “Messi is back and in top form. I look at City and they have many options.
“But the rival coach also knows he has a difficult job to stop us with so many variants and tactical possibilities.”
They have only faced each other in one year since the boss left in 2012. Messi’s sensational double 18 months ago was decisive as Barca bombed
 Guardiola’s Bayern Munich out of the Champions League on their way to another Treble.
who win this game pep guardiola or luis enrique ?

PEP ON MESSI & BARCA | Barcelona v Man City | Guardiola Press Conference

Real Madrid 5-1 Legia Warsaw best momentos 18/10/2016 /All Goals

Real Madrid 5-1 Legia Warsaw

Goals from Bale, Jodlowiec (OG), Asensio, Vazquez and Morata

Zidane praised his star man for laying off two assists for his teammates.

he said : Real Madrid always demand more from Cristiano Ronaldo,,Everybody wants Cristiano to score three, four or five goals every game, but I also like when he assists,"

"The important thing today was to create chances and score goals, but the balance of the team wasn't perfect at times."  he said. "We decided to be more attack-minded today so we took more risks."

Cristiano Ronaldo (27) is only 2 assists away from tying Giggs (29) as the player with the most assists in UCL history.

dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Liverpool vs Manchester United RAP BATTLE! (2016 Preview Klopp vs Mourinho)

A big game on the Anfield stadium between Liverpool  and Manchester United next Monday in the Premier League,

Liverpool are fourth with 16 points, while Manchester United occupies sixth place with 13 points,

IT S Time to start talking about Liverpool for the title?

Liverpool have already gone to Arsenal and Chelsea and won this season, and drawn at Tottenham too.If they can get a positive result on Monday, then Reds supporters will really start to believe
they have a chance of winning the title.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp: "Apart from the table, it's a very important game. I know about the history, I like the special stories.The whole world will watch this game, it's a big honour to be part of it.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said at the game: "In football we have some football tragedies, if you can say that, which is a big match that you lost, the mistake that some player did, this kind of thing, and you can make fun of it in a positive way.

Legend player from liverpool and manchester united CARRAGHER and NEVILLE said about match

CARRAGHER: I agree about United if they were to lose the game. They haven't had the toughest of starts, on paper, and up until now they've only played one so-called heavyweight who I think will challenge for the title - Manchester City - and they lost that at home. If you lose another one to another big title rival or top-four rival you start asking questions. It's still early, but you could be eight or nine points behind.

NEVILLE: Liverpool worry me a little bit this season. There's no Champions League, no Europa League and they've got fresh legs. Playing the way they play, I think it would be a problem for them if they were in Europe and having to repeat it every three or four days. But the fact it's nearly one game per week is a massive advantage.

Liverpool took out rivalManchester United from Europa League last season but have not won it in a local contest since March 2014.

see this  video about match

mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton health"in video

trump attacks Hillary health

 the campaign the Republican candidate for the US presidential election,  Donald Trump,Saw one of the harshest own election campaign television ads, targeting specifically the health of his rival, Hillary Clinton, and stressing the lack of validity of the rule.
While witnessing the US election campaign tremendous momentum in insults and provoking scandals and recriminations, this announcement Garah comes, several hours after the tweet pointing to Trump on "Twitter" in which he stressed that he no longer has any limitations in dealing with the elections,
Which threatens severe sharpness weeks ahead of the election on November 8.

dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Manchester United 1-1 Stoke - Jose Mourinho Full Post Match Press Confer...

Manchester United 1-1 Stoke Today inpremier league  jo allen draw match in old Trafford is first point in this stadium since 1989.
Goals: Martial in minute 69 Allen in 82 minute ,
Manchester united  Jose Mourinho said it was the "best United performance all season".
Jose Mourinho Full Post Match Press Conference