dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Liverpool vs Manchester United RAP BATTLE! (2016 Preview Klopp vs Mourinho)

A big game on the Anfield stadium between Liverpool  and Manchester United next Monday in the Premier League,

Liverpool are fourth with 16 points, while Manchester United occupies sixth place with 13 points,

IT S Time to start talking about Liverpool for the title?

Liverpool have already gone to Arsenal and Chelsea and won this season, and drawn at Tottenham too.If they can get a positive result on Monday, then Reds supporters will really start to believe
they have a chance of winning the title.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp: "Apart from the table, it's a very important game. I know about the history, I like the special stories.The whole world will watch this game, it's a big honour to be part of it.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said at the game: "In football we have some football tragedies, if you can say that, which is a big match that you lost, the mistake that some player did, this kind of thing, and you can make fun of it in a positive way.

Legend player from liverpool and manchester united CARRAGHER and NEVILLE said about match

CARRAGHER: I agree about United if they were to lose the game. They haven't had the toughest of starts, on paper, and up until now they've only played one so-called heavyweight who I think will challenge for the title - Manchester City - and they lost that at home. If you lose another one to another big title rival or top-four rival you start asking questions. It's still early, but you could be eight or nine points behind.

NEVILLE: Liverpool worry me a little bit this season. There's no Champions League, no Europa League and they've got fresh legs. Playing the way they play, I think it would be a problem for them if they were in Europe and having to repeat it every three or four days. But the fact it's nearly one game per week is a massive advantage.

Liverpool took out rivalManchester United from Europa League last season but have not won it in a local contest since March 2014.

see this  video about match

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